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Interested in getting more involved with the Alabama's Emerging Professionals?
aka Young Agents?

Insurance is definitely not one-size fits all. Same is true of its professionals.

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The Big I association values your voice and wants to hear how we can help you meet your goals and needs.

Gain leadership skills and find your vibe with Young Agent Committees. Whether you want to learn more about the Big I Alabama association or find social events or learn about insurance or outreach, you will find something of interest.

The 2023-2024 young agent term seeks to make EPIC growth by bringing EPIC value.  We are also seeking a few more Regional Directors to speak for their local areas and an Associate Member Representative.  Let us know if you want to serve on a committee or serve as the chairperson.  Deadline for Chairperson selection is NOW - Let us know how you want to get involved!

EPIC Committee Form

The Alabama Young Agents Committee seeks members and for the July 2023- July 2024 term for the following committees:

Membership Legislative EPIC Associate Partner
Social Media Community Service Regional Director

Background - A group of new and eager insurance professionals formed the Young Agents Committee in the 1970s.  They wanted to build relationships outside the office walls. They wanted to share similar interests and learn from each other’s experiences. All who have gone before say that Young Agents committees and events are a large part of their success today.


Membership Development

Develop and implement a plan to identify and to recruit new insurance professionals. Increase young agent member involvement.

Young Agents Social Media

Responsible for Alabama Young Agents’ social media channels. This includes brainstorming, posting and scheduling posts to help promote the events and to recruit new members. 

Young Agents Legislative

Young Agents plan and host annual legislative conference in Montgomery.  Promote donations to InsurPac, the national political action committee and the state Pac, Big I PAC.  The chair also serves on the state legislative committee.

Young Agents Community Service

The committee will establish and organize statewide community service opportunities.

Emerging Professionals in Insurance Conference (EPIC)

Under YA Chair leadership, committee directs association staff for the annual summer conference.

Regional Directors

The Young Agents Regional Directors act as communications centers for their representative district.

YAC Associate Member Representative

The YAC Associate Member Representative brings the insurance company point-of-view to the YAC. We want to know!


YA testimonials coming soon!

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