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Member Guide/Benefits

Why Should You Become a Member of Alabama Independent Insurance Agents (AIIA) and Independent Insurance Agents & Brokers of America (IIABA)?

By becoming a Big "I" member, you have made the commitment to building and strengthening the independent agency system. It is your commitment to spreading the value that independent agents bring to their customers and community. It is your commitment to growing as an agent, business and professional.

Being an AIIA/IIABA member, there will be someone to actively pursue your needs as an independent agent by keeping you informed within the insurance industry, provide you with opportunities for education and professional development, to advocate on your behalf and to provide you with the resources to give your agency a competitive advantage.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Alabama Independent Insurance Agents is to be the unrelenting advocate for ​independent insurance agents and to fulfill member needs while serving the public’s best interest.

Membership is based on Employee Count and our Employee Definition states:
The term “employees” include all employees, officers, owners, partners, producers, and other licensed or unlicensed individuals, who further the work of an agency or brokerage firm, wherever located, whether involved with insurance, employee benefits or other financial services of the agency.

  • Those who work 30 or more hours per week should be counted as ‘1’.
  • Those that work under 30 hours should be counted as ‘1/2’.

Employee Number                    Annual Dues Amount
100 +                                                 $ 2,884.00
50-99                                                $ 2,398.00
30-49                                                $ 2,286.00
23-29                                                $ 2,178.00
17-22                                                $ 2,066.00
14-16                                                $ 1,958.00
13                                                        $ 1,846.00
12                                                        $ 1,736.00
11                                                        $ 1,626.00
10                                                        $ 1,516.00
9                                                           $ 1,342.00
8                                                           $ 1,232.00
7                                                           $ 1,122.00
6                                                           $ 1.014.00
5                                                           $ 910.00
4                                                           $ 804.00
1-3                                                      $ 636.00

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