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What is InsurPac?
As the federal government exercises more and more power over small business, the future of our industry becomes greatly dependent upon our ability to become engaged in the federal political process. The U.S. Congress regularly considers legislation that directly affects the livelihood of independent agents – from taxes, healthcare, and flood insurance to the overhaul of the insurance regulatory system. We are fortunate to have a strong federal government affairs team working for us through our membership in the Independent Insurance Agents & Brokers of America (IIABA). However, they can’t do it alone. It is vital that we, as small business owners and agents, play an active role in shaping the public policy debate and the laws starting in Washington, D.C.

Through constant dialogue with Members of Congress and participation in numerous fundraising events, our federal government affairs staff has forged strong relationships with many influential policymakers and key congressional staff. That has been made possible in large part due to InsurPac, our federal political action committee. It solicits voluntary, personal contributions from agents throughout the country, and then distributes 100% of that money to Congressmen, Senators and candidates for federal office who support small business and the independent agency system. InsurPac is one of the largest federal PACs in the insurance industry, and is by far the largest property-casualty agent PAC.

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Thanks to your contributions, IIABA's Lobby Team worked on these important business-affecting issues in 2021:

  • President Biden’s American Jobs Plan & American Families Plan
  • Tax Increases on the Horizon?

-Increase in corporate/individual tax rates;
-Increase in the capital gains tax rate;
-Elimination of “stepped-up” basis.

  • Attack on Employer Sponsored Healthcare:

-Medicare for All/Public Option impact.

  • Employee Classification Concerns/PRO Act
  • Major Changes Coming to the National Flood Insurance Program
  • Federal Intrusion into State Insurance Regulation: Attacks on Risk-Based Underwriting in Auto Insurance and increased role for FIO
  • Federal Legal Protections for IAs Working with Cannabis-Related Legitimate Businesses

Last year alone InsurPAC raised approximately $1.2 million. Of that total, approximately $17,100 came from Alabama agents. Just as relationships are critical with customers, they are equally important with legislators who determine law. Those groups with the largest PACs can support the most congressional campaigns, attend the most fundraising events and develop the most relationships.

When it comes to the U.S. Congress, relationships beyond the Alabama delegation are vitally important. Consider the fact that the two most important congressional committees for agents in Alabama and beyond are chaired by a senator from Ohio and a congresswoman from California. Rest assured that your federal government affairs team, with the help of InsurPAC, is developing and strengthening relationships with these legislators and others that affect your business in many ways: taxes, industry regulations, federal interference and more.

Each year, AIIA's Executive Committee and our members generous give to achieve our state's national goal.  AIIA reached its goal of $17,000 in 2021 - the second consecutive year. Thank you to our contributors!

It's an important election year. From the governor to Congress, our voices and votes matter.  You can help us help IIABA in Washington, D.C.  AIIA’s Executive Committee encourages each agency to give at least $100 per agency, if not more, to reach our 2022 goal of $18,500. Let's team up to reach our goal!!

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