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Big I PAC is YOUR state political action committee. It is working for YOU, seeking to enhance and benefit YOUR livelihood. PAC money is important in the political process, and what happens in the State Legislature and Courts affects our industry and businesses. AIIA is but one trade association vying with literally hundreds of other associations, companies, charities, causes and individuals with their own political agendas. Contributions do not buy solutions to legislative issues, but instead afford AIIA opportunities to present our point of view and to educate our legislative body on our positions. Lobbying and a political war chest go hand-in-hand to enable independent insurance agents and this association to present our case and to support candidates who are pro-business and favorable to the insurance climate in our state.

AIIA holds several events to help members access to an audience with our state senators, representatives, judges and justices. These include the Legislative Conference held in early spring and the Pat Owens Big I Pac Golf Classic held in September. We also have two Legislative Committees - one for the Big I and one for the Young Agents. Each committee concerns itself with pending legislation and presenting legislation to better the state, industry and economic climate. In the past few years, AIIA members have sponsored and worked on a number of important pieces of legislation. These include Electronic Verification of the Mandatory Insurance Liability Law - now known as OIVS or Online Insurance Verification System, Texting While Driving Ban, a Fraud Bill. We even have an ad hoc committee working to help coastal insurance marketplace issues, improve building codes and premium tax savings! Plus, we kept a conservative Alabama State Supreme Court.

Help us get our voice heard!!

Ways to Contribute

Big I PAC can accept both corporate and personal contributions. Send checks payable to Big I PAC at AIIA, 141 London Parkway, Birmingham, AL 35211

Join us at the  Pat Owens Big I PAC Golf Classic - September 19 at the Timberline Country Club in Calera!!

Give a donation anytime via snail mail to the above address or go through the volunteer contributions on agency dues.

A message from Big I PAC Chair/ Legislative Chair

The Pat Owens Big I PAC Golf Tournament is the only fundraiser for our Big I PAC, so we want it to be a HUGE success.

This year, Alabama joined with other industry associations in a Dram Shop Coalition, which would improve the state's liquor liability market. Through the hard work of members and active persons, the law passed in one legislative cycle. For more information, contact Alison at

Our successes include allowing agents to charge fees, changing building and roofing codes, no texting while driving laws, mitigation credits, and electronic verification of automobile liability insurance, which increased the number of insured drivers in Alabama by 25%.

I hope to see everyone at the Timberline Golf Club in September.


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