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Legislative Conference

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February 13, 2024.
FREE Annual Legislative Conference in Montgomery. Invite your local legislator to join us at the Social on Tuesday Evening.

alabama state capitol flyer for legislative conference in tones of blue, white and soft yellow. With text of a conference agenda2024 Agenda & Registration Form
Online Registration

2024 Speakers:
Mark Fowler, Insurance Commissioner
Bryan Taylor, Candidate for Alabama Supreme Court Justice
Marty Connors, Lobbyist

Special State Association Panelists:

Jason Reid, Vice President of External Affairs at for the Home Builders Association of Alabama
Jeremy Walker, AL Association of Realtors
Tom Dart, Automobile Dealers Association of Alabama

Embassy Suites, Montgomery, 300 Tallapoosa Street, Montgomery, AL 
Alabama Activity Center, 201 Dexter Avenue, Montgomery, AL

The annual Legislative Conference supplies a forum to educate members about the upcoming political and economic issues facing the independent agents in Alabama. Last year, our focus was Dram Shop / Liquor Liability legislation, which was signed into law. The positive impact has already registered; ISO scored our state as a 5, no longer a 10.

The conference is hosted by the AIIA Young Agents and the AIIA Legislative Committee. Past speakers include Senator Katie Britt, Governor Kay Ivey, Bill Canary of the Business Council of Alabama, Attorneys General, several state supreme and appellate court justices, as well as the AIIA Lawmakers of the Year.

David Cole, Sr. VP of Governmental Affairs for the Business Council of Alabama
Matt McDonald, Attorney who worked on Dram Shop bill
Representative Corley Ellis, Columbiana
Reyn Norman, ALDOI General Counsel

​On behalf of the Young Agents and the Legislative Committees of the Alabama Independent Insurance Agents, we encourage you to join us for this FREE event.

Thank you to our First STEP Sponsors for sponsoring this event!

​​To find your state legislators, go to The Alabama Legislature website.

To view the 2023 Legislative Conference photos, click here.

AIIA continues to lobby for independent agents and a pro-business environment in Montgomery while the Legislators are in session. For any Legislative Updates, please contact AIIA Legislative Chair Larry Burkman  (256) 830-1123.

Conference ​Location:

Embassy Suites
300 Tallapoosa Street
Montgomery, AL


And Alabama Activity Center
201 Dexter Avenue
Montgomery, AL

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