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Coronavirus Resources & Updates

We have compiled a list of news and resources for our members in light of the recent outbreak of Coronavirus. We will continue to update this page with the latest news and resources to help you and your clients in this unprecedented time. During this time we are working remotely but still reporting for duty every day. If you can send us an email along with your call/voicemail we can make sure no one gets missed. We are monitoring all our channels of communications and will get back with you as soon as possible.

AIIA Event & Education Updates

AIIA Events:
AIIA Convention & Trade Show has been rescheduled for September 27-29 at The Lodge in Gulf Shores!!
Young Agents Conference still planned for July 30 - August 1 at Hilton Pensacola
Pat Owens Big I PAC Golf Classic - September 22 at Timberline Golf Club

AIIA Education:
CIC Company Operations SCHEDULED for June 30-July 2 is now a WEBINAR.
CIC Ruble Graduate Seminar SCHEDULED for July 8-9 is now a WEBINAR.
CIC Agency Management has been RESCHEDULED for October 14-16.
CISR Classes JUNE are now WEBINARS
CISR Life & Health is now a WEBINAR on June 10 & 11 from 8AM to noon.
CISR William T. Hold is now a WEBINAR on June 16 & 17 from 8AM to noon.
CISR Agency Operations is now a WEBINAR on June 23 & 24 from 8AM to noon.
Testing for CISR designation will be allowed the Monday following the webinar.
CPIA Classes:
June 2 - will host class in Birmingham following guidelines for social distancing and mask.
June 3 - this class is CANCELLED due to lack of participants.
June 4 - will host class in Birmingham following guidelines for social distancing and mask.
June 9 - this class is CANCELLED due to lack of participants.
June 18 - Birmingham Class is now a FULL Day Webinar offering both Commercial Property Coverage Gaps and Ethics

Information for the AL Department of Insurance

Information our National Association (IIABA) by various Departments

Big "I" Coronavirus Updates
COVID-19 and Commercial Property Vacancy Concerns (4-3-2020)
Cybersecurity Tips for Remote Work in Pandemic (3-26-2020)
Families First Coronavirus Response Act Poster for Offices (3-26-2020)
Big "I" Professional Liability Updates:
Do's and Don'ts of COVID-19 E&O Suits (5-18-2020)
E&O Happens Website - contains a COVID-19 Tab to Risk Management related to Coronavirus resources (4-2-2020)
E&O Risk Management and the Coronavirus (Covid-19) 3-17-2020 
Sample Letter for Commercial Clients regarding Coronavirus or Covid-19 (3-17-2020)
Big "I" Governmental Affairs Updates/Legislative Updates:
NCCI Item Filing Announcement (4-24-2020)
Business Interruption Retroactive Coverage (4-24-2020)
COVID 19 Cancellation State Chart (4-27-2020)
President Clip on Business Interruption Coverage - (4-10-2020)
Response from Big "I" team (4-10-2020)
IIABA State Government Affairs Information
Business Interruption Retroactive Coverage (4-2-2020)
COVID-19 Cancellation State Chart (4-2-2020)
Producer Licensing Bulletins (4-1-2020)
CARES ACT Flow Chart (4-2-2020)
Information from U.S. Treasury Dept. on SBA Paycheck Protection Program (3-31-2020)
Business & Employee Continuity Recovery Fund Summary (3-31-2020)
​Paycheck Protection Program FAQ for Small Businesses  (3-28-2020)
Big "I" Federal Legislative Update - How the CARES Act Impacts Big "I" Members and Their Clients (3-26-2020)
Producer Licensing Bulletin (3-26-2020)
Treasury Memo on Financial Services Critical Infrastructure (3-24-2020)
Big "I" Federal Legislative Update (3-21-2020)
​Big "I" Retirement Info:
Retirement & Employee Benefit from Christine Munzo
Messages from Chris Boggs:
Coronavirus and Business Income Losses by Chris Boggs
Coronavirus and the Auto Exposures by Chris Boggs
Claim Denial Follow Up (3-26-2020)
Messages from Bob Rusbuldt
Big "I" Receives $500,000 for Trusted Choice® COVID-19 Relief Fund from Foremost® and Bristol West® (4-27-2020) - Apply online through link in document
Consumer Federation of America “report card” on insurer response to the crisis (4-13-2020)
2020 Insurance Company COVID-19 Agent Consumer Response (4-13-2020)
Interview of Bob Rusbuldt by Business Insurance
Webinar by Agency CFO - Advisory Group LLC on Payroll Protection Plan (4-7-2020)
PPP Calculator Worksheet - agents can offer to thier clients (4-7-2020)
Webinar on payroll calculations (4-7-2020)

Miscellaneous Information

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